Affordable Self Storage in Indianapolis

March 07, 2014
Indy 500 Fiery Crash

Indy 500 Fiery Crash

You can’t think of Indianapolis and not have the image of fast race cars, firey crashes, lots of celebrities, and, “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” flood your mind. Well, guess what, Indy is famous for something else, as well, and the racing industry is grateful for it. Ready?

Affordable self storage facilities are located conveniently all over the Indianapolis area. I know that some of the racing teams store parts at a facility where they are certain of security, convenience of location, and 24 hour access. And guess what? Those same facilities are as available to you as they are to the pros.

That’s right, whatever you need to store, there is a self storage facility in your neighborhood that will meet your needs perfectly. You never have to sign a long term lease; you can rent for as little as one month. You will also find the size unit that is perfect for you.

If you didn’t win the 500 and want to store the car until next year, we have the perfect unit. The drive up unit is just like a garage, you drive through the security gate, directly to the unit you put your own lock on, roll up the garage-like door and you are ready to go.

If you need to store a grand piano, we have climate-controlled units that will hold your piano safely and securely. Just need to store some files and maybe a small chair? We have units that are perfect for those too.

Wherever you are in Indianapolis, you aren’t far from an Affordable Self Storage Facility. There are facilities conveniently located in your neighborhood. Security is never an issue because not only is the facility secure in itself, you, as the tenant, put your own lock on your unit.

By the way, if you take an RV to the race, and need to keep it safe and secure until next year, check with the self storage facilities near the track or near your

Indy 500 Race Track

Indy 500 Race Track

home. With plenty of room designed especially for bulky trailers, boats, and motor homes, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your RV is safe, secure, handy, and ready to go the next time you need it.

Here’s the best part. Self storage in Indianapolis is affordable. All of us are concerned with our budgets and cost is a consideration. Again, convenient self storage in Indianapolis, IN is not only affordable, it is cost-effective. Using floor space priced lower than even your home to store items that are not used regularly makes sense and cents.

So, if you are in the Indianapolis area, you are accustomed to speed and spectacle. Get that spectacle you’ve created in your garage loaded in your vehicle and hurry over to your local self storage facility. Renting a unit will be quick and easy. Unload your items, put them away swiftly, and you will become a champion in your family.

The Indy 500 may become known for the 500 items you can put into a convenient self storage unit!